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family drama, Latvia/Italy. 90', in production


Director: Linda Olte

Writer: Linda Olte

Producers: Matīss Kaža, Una Celma, Dace Siatkovska, Wilfried Gufler, Debora Nischler

Cinematography: Aleksandrs Grebņevs

Production Design: Laura Dišlere

Costume Design: Sieglinde Michaeler

Starring: Emma Skirmante, Gerda Aljēna, Katrīna Krēsliņa, Iveta Pole, Elita Kļaviņa, Indra Briķe

13-year-old Anastasia and nine-year-old Diana are sisters living in a Latvian orphanage. When the head of the orphanage tells them that the Johnson family from the USA wants to adopt them, Diana feels as if she’s won the lottery and cannot wait to go to the States. Anastasia, on the other hand, has mixed feelings. She is hoping to live with her biological mother, who makes a sudden return to their lives.

Financial Support: National Film Centre of Latvia, IDM South Tyrol, State Culture Capital Fund of Latvia, Latvian Foundation, Eurimages.

Awards: Baltic-Italian Development Prize, Trieste Film Festival 2020

Produced by Fenixfilm in co-production with Albolina Films (Italy).




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