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documentary, Latvia, TBR 2022


Director: Una Celma

Writer: Una Celma

Producers: Una Celma, Matīss Kaža

Cinematography: Aleksandrs Grebņevs

Music: Mārtiņš Brauns

Editor: Oļegs Aleksejevs

Sound Design: Aleksandrs Vaicahovskis

This is an intimate and personal story about women who were supposed to be the children of complete and total socialism, about the environment they grew up in, their youth and their life now. Teacher Lapaine’s class reunion happens every year on March 21. This year is no different. Just like 25 years ago, when director Una Celma first documented her classmates in a film under the same title. The traditional table is set with beverages, cakes and candy, and the yearly photo taken. Nowadays, they are mothers, aunts and grandmothers. Their fates have changed, but what about themselves?

Financial Support: National Film Centre of Latvia

Produced by Fenixfilm, Deep Sea Studios.

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